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My first week at Tala: Joelle Duff

For this week's post we hand over to Joelle Duff, who has just started an internship on our Supply Chain team. From an idyllic childhood in Switzerland to the beginnings of a promising career in London via Holland, Joelle brings a global mindset and a curiosity-fuelled energy to her role.

I started my internship at Tala little over a month ago, after graduating from my masters in Economics. As an intern in the supply chain team, I’m currently helping to track production, coordinate shipments, and ensure that stock remains available at the warehouses. Working with our factories can be particularly challenging, as I get to learn their culture and occasionally a bit of Chinese - long live Google translate! Tala is a very interesting company, as their lightbulbs are aimed at different markets, with unique designs and varying price ranges. Making sustainable LED light bulbs more attractive to consumers is a great way to initiate a small change, with a huge impact. As a company, Tala also loves to give back, like during our tree planting day at the beginning of the month, when we planted over 600 trees!
"Tala has a great work atmosphere, with a dynamic and energetic team passionate about the product and the company’s global impact."
So far, I’ve enjoyed getting to know these great people, for example during our fun Christmas party, and I really look forward to seeing the company grow in the future. From next year, I will be focusing more on sustainability within the Tala supply chain, which is where my true passion lies. I can’t wait to support Tala’s efforts to promote a better way to do business.