How to Layer Light In Your Living Room

How to Layer Light In Your Living Room

The days of the ‘big light’ are over. Whether you’re on your first rental or your third, whether you're an established homeowner or an aspiring one, light is typically the one thing you can control.

This journal is tailored to help you unleash the power of light in your living area with careful layering.

Voronoi ceiling light and knuckle table lamp
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Understand your lighting needs

Start by identifying the main uses of your living room. Do you use it for reading, entertaining, watching TV, or all the above? Knowing the purpose will guide your lighting choices and essentially determine how much, or how little, light you need.

Loop table lamp and ceiling light

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Layer your lighting

Carefully layering lights in your living room creates atmosphere and sets the tone for your activity. Regardless of your room size, we recommend a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting which you can turn on or off depending on your needs.

Echo range and the Voronoi ceiling lights

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Choose the right fixtures for your layers

1. Ceiling fixtures

Consider statement chandeliers or single pendant lights to set the overall tone of the room and define your style.

2. Task and directional lighting

Wall-mounted sconces can direct light to specific areas of the room, especially when performing functional tasks like working or cleaning.

3. Low-level lights

Table and floor lamps are ideal for creating intimate moments, especially for deeper relaxation and unwinding before bed.

Sphere plug in pendant

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Optimise light placement

We encourage you to use accent lighting to draw attention to focal points in your living room such as artwork, sculptures, or architectural features. Using either table lights, portable lamps, or spotlights will amplify those areas.

Voronoi and The Muse in living room

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Embrace natural light

Use sheer curtains or blinds to allow natural light to flood in during the day. Another tip is to opt for soft-coloured, reflective wall paints or finishes that can further enhance the natural light in your living space. If you have a small space, employ mirrors to bounce light around the room.

Sphere ceiling light

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Play with light temperature

Experiment with different light temperatures, to find the perfect tone for your living space. For example, warm lights (2200K+) create a cosy ambiance, while cooler lights (2700K+) offer a crisp and alert feel, perfect for working.

Sphere table lamp by Issy Rider

Featuring products: Knuckle Table Lamp + Sphere IV

Dimmers for Flexibility

Many Tala lights utilise Dim to Warm technology, giving you the flexibility to tailor the intensity of the light output according to the occasion. From day into night, you can adjust your lighting to suit you, by using our recommended dimmers or those fitted to the fixture.

In summary

By understanding your lighting needs, selecting the right fixtures, and harnessing natural light, you can transform your living space into a radiant sanctuary that reflects your unique personality and design sensibilities. Light allows you to illuminate your style and celebrate your space, and it should always be the first consideration, not the last. But, we would say that.