If you are a design enthusiast, industry expert, content creator with a love for lighting, or an interiors influencer immersed in home renovation and styling, we're keen to work with you.

If you're interested in working with us, reach out to our team today.

What is the process?

Get in touch.

Send us your proposal along with your social handles and any pertinent details we need to be informed about.

Let's make it official.

If we're a match, you'll receive a contract detailing agreed deliverables, budget, and gifting arrangements - your signature on this pact is the key to our next steps.

The fun part.

Your contract offers a roadmap for creating content within our distinctive brand guidelines. Beyond that, it's your playground for creative exploration.

That's a wrap.

Upon receiving and approving your content, we'll wrap up our collaboration and keep the door open for future projects.


How will my content be used?

If you agree to work with us, we reserve the right to utilise your content across one or more of the following platforms and activities:

1. Tala website(s)
2. Social media accounts
3. Media and marketing activities, including press releases and journal article
4. Editorial and advertising content

Please be aware that Tala reserves the right to edit and make alterations to the uploaded image or video, and we are not obligated to use every image submitted. In the event that you believe an uploaded image on our website is inappropriate or infringes upon someone else's rights, such as trademark or copyright violations, you have the option to report the photo by sending an email to

It's important to note that while we can remove photos from Tala's websites and social media pages, we are unable to take responsibility for the removal of any photos shared or posted on third-party sites beyond our control.


We love seeing our lights stylishly displayed in your home or workplace. Tag us @tala on Instagram to catch our eye. If we want feature your photo, we'll always ask for your permission first. Simply respond with #YESTALA to agree to our terms, and we'll credit your account when we share it.

When you use #YESTALA, you affirm that you possess full rights to the uploaded photo or video, and generously permit Tala to utilise it across all marketing channel without any licensing fees. Furthermore, we'll ensure we credit your social media account when we share your image on our platforms.


We aim to respond between 24-48 hours of receiving your request, so there's no need to worry if you don't hear back immediately; we will be in touch.