We are on a mission to become the world's definitive zero carbon lighting brand.

Our values

We push the boundaries of design + technology

Our LED bulbs are built with performance and impact in mind. With every product we design, we’re driving our industry closer to a low carbon future.

We draw inspiration from nature

Tapping into 4.5 billion years of research and development as a platform for creativity and innovation.

We collaborate

Working with like-minded folk brings an energy we thrive on. We work with others who believe in the positive power of sustainable lighting. We’re the preferred LED light-source supplier for some of the most celebrated lighting brands worldwide.

We build sustainability into every product

Low energy is good. Low carbon and low impact is better. Circularity and repairability are the future. That’s why we work with suppliers with integrity. We choose responsibly sourced, recyclable materials like aluminium and hardwoods. We avoid plastic at all costs.

We believe designer lighting is for everyone

Our lights are customisable, easy to install and get shipped speedily and safely. We’re on a journey to create a light for every stage of life. Light to live by.

We are a B Corp™

We’re supporting the move to low-carbon, one light at a time.

As designers we naturally want to create the best looking lights on the planet, but that’s just half the story. Through every product we make, we want to use the power of design to show how brilliant low-carbon living can be. The low energy revolution is happening. We’re proud to be leading the change.

Inspired by nature

We tap into 4.5 billion years of research and development.

Circular Design

Transitioning over 3 million homes to LED lighting was a good start, but we must go further.

Electronic Waste

'E-Waste' is a huge problem. 2 million tonnes of extra E-waste is generated annually. This is why designing lighting that's built to last and can be easily repaired is important to us.

Tala's approach balances sustainability, design and technology to counter obsolesence.

Repairable Design

The right to repair is an important movement. Designing products that are easy to maintain, fix or dissasemble for recycling is the solution.

Product Durability + Attachment

We counter emotional and functional obsolescence with the form and use of premium materials. Cherished product designs increase longevity and reduce the replacement costs and externalities involved in throwing items away before the end of life.   

LED Technology

Lowering our global energy demand has never been more important. Lighting still accounts for 15% of the global electricity consumption, and an overnight global transition to highly efficient lighting could avoid more than 800 million metric tons of CO2 emissions.

Since our genesis, we have been at the forefront of a movement to design high-quality, low-energy lighting.

Designing with LED (Light-Emitting Diode) allows us to do more with less. LED lighting is 90% more energy efficient and lasts ten times longer than traditional lighting like incandescents.  

Impact Projects

To date, Tala has funded the planting of over 130,000 trees internationally.

Tala has donated to a diverse mix of impact projects. The common link between the organisations is community development and a long term vision for improvement. These reforestation initiatives are also aimed at poverty alleviation and/or protecting biodioversity.

Our reforestation projects so far include The Heart of England in the UK (2016-18), The National Forest Foundation USA (2018), WeForest India (2018) and most recently a mangrove project with Eden Reforestation Madagascar (2021-22).

Next milestone

Accelerate tree-planting programme ​to reach over 330,000 trees.

Supply Chain

You can only manage what you measure. Tala has a dedicated in-house supply chain team who work closely with our vendor base and testing laboratories.

We have a tracking system in place for sea and air shipments globally. Measurement is the first step in our journey to reduce impacts. Tala is now carbon neutral on all inbound shipments and has reduced air freight from 10% (FY20) to 1.4% (FY21).

Tala is a proud member of the Lighting Industry Association UK. As part of their Quality Assurance program, Tala is recognised as an LIAQA Assured Company. Tala runs an ongoing environmental and social audit program across our supply chain partners.

Next milestone

Net carbon zero by 2025.

Biophilic Design

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.”
- Frank Lloyd Wright

We agree with Frank. Some of our best designs have come from this approach. How to make an object feel like it's carved from nature is a fantastic design challenge.

Biophilic design also reinforces our responsibility to protect nature as a vital resource and source of inspiration.


100% plastic free

Our product design and supply chain teams have been throwing everything at this challenge.

Shipping delicate glass objects internationally and trying to convince entrenched players along the value chain is no easy feat, but we have managed to galvanise around a common purpose.

We are pleased to say that 100% of all Tala packaging in production is now plastic free.

Switching to recyclable packaging materials will save approximately 8000kg of single-use plastic over the course of a year - the weight of an average lorry​.


Materiality matters. At Tala we stick to a tight palette of high quality premium materials. Not only does this accentuate the look and feel of the designs, it also minimises end-of-life impacts.

100% of Tala light bulbs are glass. We use beautiful borosilicate glass for the complex, mouth-blown forms, and soda lime for the smaller uniform shapes.

For our fixtures, we love aluminium and brass for their endlessly recyclable qualities.

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