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Why work with us

Retail Growth Program

Tala's new Retail Growth Program aims to strengthen relationships and boost sales. It introduces a tiered system with increasing benefits that incentivise our partners to meet certain performance via additional discounts and rebates. We work with partners across the following to drive growth:  

- Collection depth  

- Retail display units or Lifestyle display   

- Bulb pairing program   

- Co-marketing initiatives   

- Training 

Visual merchandising

Tala offers cohesive and flexible visual merchandising specifically designed to amplify performance. 


Display offerings are comprised of four components: 

- Modular Retail Display Units  

- Plinth Program  

- Lifestyle Display Program  

- Bulb Pairing Program  

Well-executed visual merchandising has the potential to increase sales performance by an impressive 42%  


Operational excellence

- Omni channel fulfilment with dropship and EDI capabilities 

- Global warehouses: UK, EU, US 

- Live inventory feeds  

- Custom bulb program  

- B Corporation Certified      

- Consistent product release: 4x collections per year 

How it works

  • Discovery meeting 

    Introduction: Schedule a meeting with our team to see how Tala can boost your business. 

    Program alignment: We'll take a quick look at your needs to tailor the perfect growth plan.

  • Enrolment + onboarding

    Retail agreement: Sign on the dotted line and officially become part of the Tala family. 

    Welcome kit + training: Dive into our resource pool and start your Tala journey with our Flight School.  

  • Tier advancement

    Personalised support: Enjoy custom support and perks that grow with your sales. 

    Tier progression: As you hit specific benchmarks, you move up through the tiers, unlocking additional discounts, rebates, and benefits.  

  • Growth + review 

    Strategy adjustment: Strategies are refined based on performance reviews to foster continued growth and improvement. 

    Feedback loop: Your insights help us evolve the program for all our partners' success. 

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