Hotel Floriel, Quebec, Canada

Hotel Floriel, Quebec, Canada

A design-led hotel with a fun and playful aesthetic. 

Gabriel Wasilko, together with his life and business partner Audrey Boisvert had the vision of a small boutique hotel inspired by the diverse moods of the 4 seasons in Quebec and how it connects to people on a personal level. The project’s design approach values longevity and respects the architectural legacy of the region. The hotel's theme is rooted in the surrounding nature, using modern and vintage design elements to create a place that embraces both tradition and modernity.

In addition to its hotel vocation, the Floriel promotes works of art, furniture and decorative accessories, and gourmet and artisanal products by collaborating with like-minded manufacturers, retailers, artists and craftsmen. Guests will be able to try out products during their stay and will have the opportunity to purchase them on-site or later online.

Hotel Floriel matched a wide assortment of Tala products to the bright and fun colour themed rooms within the hotel. They utilised similar tones such as The Muse Pleasure Garden within a green themed bedroom and added pops of pink and blue from the Alumina Lamps in Blossom and Sapphire finishes in other fun and playful coloured bedrooms. Tala was also chosen for the warmth and dimmable nature of the lighting allowing guests to benefit from a range of light levels in different settings aiding in a comfortable and relaxing stay. 


Photography and Interior Design: Hotel Floriel

Products: Alumina Lamps, The Muse, Single Oak Pendant, Triple and Nine Oak Canopy with Voronoi II, Lochan with Sphere III