Salt Spring Island, Canada

Salt Spring Island, Canada

Built from the ground up, this exceptional timber-clad home is nestled into its woodland location on Salt Spring Island, one of the Gulf Islands in the Strait of Georgia, Canada.

Boasting stunning views and flooded with natural light, the vast open spaces harness the beauty of surrounding nature.

Tala lights are deployed exclusively throughout, with each room utilising clever combinations of ceiling, wall and table lights. 
The lighting throughout has been designed to celebrate the beautiful natural materials in the space, frame views and create a soft and welcoming volume of light in each zone.

A statement Nine Pendant with the signature Voronoi II bulbs cascade down the main double-height living area. This central display creates a dramatic focal point to the room, while delicately mimicking the natural forms of the forest outside. The entire display uses a small amount of energy (45 Watts), and can be delicately dimmed down in the evenings to match the colour temperature of the adjacent log burner.


The house has been designed with sustainability at its core. The three-bedroom home is situated in an ecological reserve, meaning that local materials and energy efficiency requirements were prioritised from the start. The lighting was considered early on in the project which meant that controls and functional benefits like Dim to Warm features could be utilised in the bathroom and kitchen areas.



Simplicity was the key theme of the build. Single Brass Pendant Lights are placed in the stairwell and across the hallway upstairs to provide consistency and character. The lights are used as a design object in their own right; providing striking silhouettes when struck by dappled sunlight throughout the day.



The kitchen uses the Lochan fixture paired with Oval bulbs as low profile ceiling lights, illuminating the kitchen island and framing a Linear Triple Pendant at its centre. The lighting in this zone is designed to support the real stars of the show - the food and the people - creating a simple lighting scheme that looks good when entertaining or for functional activities like cleaning or prepping is always good practice.


The guest bedroom upstairs features the Echo Chandelier, two Echo Table Lamps and is paired with the Alumina Triple Pendants in Chalk with Enno bulbs, creatively marrying with the clean white aesthetic of the room.



Another bedroom uses Knuckle Table Lamps with Sphere IV and the corner of the room is anchored with a Graphite Triple Pendant with Voronoi II giving a soft glow to the corner, while a Lochan and Sphere IV are utilised as the main central fixture.


Location: Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada 

Products: Brass Nine Pendant + Voronoi II, Single Brass Pendant + Voronoi II, Lochan Graphite and Brass paired with Sphere IV or Oval, Linear Triple Plate + Sphere IV, David Weeks Echo Chandelier, Table Lamp and Floor Lamp

Photography: Kai Jacobson