Discover our most popular bulbs and fixtures. Perfect solutions for any space or style.

Popular Categories

  • Portables

    Take Tala with you anywhere you go with our portable lamps.

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  • Ceiling Lights

    Our decorative ceiling lights create unique narratives for interior spaces.

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  • Table Lamps

    Each of our Table Lamps feature in-line dimmers for maximum mood-making.

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  • Light Bulbs

    Tala specialises in energy-efficient, LED light bulbs for climate conscious homes.

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Five Pendant + Voronoi III
The Muse Portable Lamp in Hackles Black

Reasons to shop Tala

  • Eco-friendly packaging

    100% of all Tala packaging in production is now plastic free.

  • Sustainable products

    We choose responsibly sourced, recyclable materials, and avoid plastic at all costs.

  • Biophilic Design

    Biophilic design reinforces our responsibility to protect nature.

  • LED Technology

    Designing with LED is 90% more energy efficient and lasts ten times longer than traditional lighting.