Lighting Collaborations

Beautiful fixtures need beautiful bulbs

We work closely with brands to design, engineer and manufacture high-quality, high-performance LED light bulbs.

Our product development team can cater for a huge variety of lighting fixtures, while technical specifications can be tailored to match your exacting requirements. Combined with excellent components and expert manufacturing processes, our bulbs can make your fixtures truly shine.

What we offer

Partnering with Tala means you can create a beautiful, perfectly optimised bulb for your fixture without any of the hassle.
Benefits include:

- Access to our Product Development team

- Quality management and detailed supplier warranty

- Navigation of international compliance and testing

- Tailored demand and logistics planning

- Complete aftercare and support

How it works

We start any partnership by establishing clear objectives and requirements, helping us to formalise and agree on a final design concept.

From there, we keep our partners engaged at every stage of the process: from design and artwork, through to prototyping and production, marketing and logistics.

Who We've Worked With

Fully customisable

We offer fully customisable elements to help match your specific requirements. We work to a minimum CRI of 95, and all bulbs are dimmable with trailing-edge and leading-edge dimming systems.

You can choose from:

- Base shape and dimensions

- Filament arrangement

- Colour temperature (Kelvin)

- Technical specification (Wattage and Lumens)

Get in touch

Do you have a project you would like to discuss?

Speak to our European OEM Partnerships Manager, David de Groot, who can work with you to turn your ideas into reality.