We are excited to introduce a new look to coincide with the launch of our new website.

We partnered with London-based design agency, Bolter, to give our brand a new lease of life.


Responding to the theme of circadian rhythm and the light spectrum, Bolter created a colour palette of blues, reds and yellows to reflect the hues found in a sunset. Together with updated brand colours of off-white and dark green, this gives a fresh clarity to our brand.


Our typographic evolution is a response to how we interact with our customers and how our community consumes our content. By unifying our font library under the Mont family, we have created a more legible, digital-friendly font that works across various platforms, devices and accessibility needs.

"Tala’s approach to their work and the products they sell is remarkable, and we wanted to create a brand that championed that level of care and energy within the material they disseminate."

- Alice Best, Bolter Design

Tone of Voice

Tala started in 2015. Since then, we have grown as a business and a community, building relationships with customers and followers worldwide. We wanted our tone of voice to reflect our evolution as a brand. Less words, more impact.


We updated our icon library to create a suite of assets that represent our technology and design features, while also breaking away from conventional icon styles to create something unique to Tala.

Stamp + Roundel

To complement our original logo, a new stamp was designed to give us an extra tool in our digital arsenal. Based on the 't' from our wordmark, it is both playful and simple. A roundel was also introduced to communicate key messges, like our tagline of 'Light to Live By', seen in this example.

"We are proud to have created a toolkit that is as effective across Tala’s digital platforms as it is across print material. The poetry of the assets and the colour palette aligns with Tala’s products and material library: it’s a natural evolution."

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