5 Alternative Ways To Light Your Bedroom

5 Alternative Ways To Light Your Bedroom

From versatile portables to a dramatic ceiling light display or wall-mounted sconce, we explore five alternative ways to illuminate your bedroom.  

While we love a classic bedside table lamp, in this guide we explore five alternative ways to light your bedroom to shape the ambience and aesthetics of the space.

Voronoi single pendant

Single Pendants 

The versatile Single Pendant light can serve as both a stylish and functional bedside solution, offering a delightful twist to the traditional bedside table lamp. By incorporating Pendant Lights, you reclaim valuable tabletop space, making room for phone accessories, books or that morning cup of coffee.

Customise the length of the pendant to fit your unique requirements, whether it’s accentuating the height of the bed frame or optimising for the ideal reading light position. And if you don't want the installation-drama of a mounted ceiling rose, why not consider a Plug-in Pendant, which will give you the freedom to pick and choose the area it's situated without the need for an electrician. 


Voronoi ceiling light in bedroom

Make a statement with Ceiling Lights.

Forget the traditional 'big light', our collection of Ceiling Lights will help transform your concept of a bedroom. Utilise the cable length to drape the pendants around the bed, or stagger the length to create depth and drama. You should also consider combining ceiling lights with other fixtures, such as table lights and wall lights. Layered lighting can transform your bedroom into a multifaceted space that adapts to your needs.

Mantle and The Muse portable lamps in the bedroom

Popular Portable Lamps 

Haven't you heard? Portable lamps are in. An excellent choice for lighting any room, portables allow you to easily adjust the placement and intensity of light to create a cozy or functional atmosphere. Our portables are a top choice for both established homeowners seeking comfort and design enthusiasts seeking the latest in lighting trends. 


Alumina wall light in bedroom

The lighting's on the wall.

Wall Lights are a great way to maximise space while adding an extra layer of warmth to the room. Not only this, a well-placed wall sconce will enhance other elements in the room, like decorative wallpaper, cabinetry or soft furnishings. 

Voronoi ceiling lights

Subvert expectations.

For those of you lucky enough to have a bath in your bedroom, why not celebrate it with a distinctive lighting display. In large, open-plan spaces, Ceiling Lights can serve as a unifying element while subverting the typical lighting scheme of a bedroom. 


Shore and Reflection table lamps in bedroom

Fancy something more original? 

The Table Lamp is a classic choice, and for good reason. A decorate lamp can not only create the right level of ambience depending on the time of day, but it can also act as a meaningful piece of decor that elevates the overall vibe of the room. All of our Table Lamps feature a dimmer on the lamp base or cable, so you can control of the light temperature at the turn of a dial.


In Summary.

Lighting is the final brushstroke that adds depth and character to your bedroom canvas. Consider these 5 alternative ways to light your bedroom, or choose from our collection of table lamps, to upgrade your space for the winter season.