Celebrating Lighting Design Excellence: Highlights from LiGHT23

Celebrating Lighting Design Excellence: Highlights from LiGHT23

In November, we made a return to the Business Design Centre for the second instalment of the LiGHT Expo - LiGHT23.

Once again, our exhibit was strategically positioned at the base of the stairs on the right as you entered, creating a focal point for visitors. The event was abuzz with industry professionals, providing an excellent platform to showcase our latest collections to the dynamic world of lighting and design.

Notable crowd favourites included the Mantle Portable Lamp and the new Kilter Pendant and Wall Light range. Our spotlight extended to the LiGHTWORKS area on the Mezzanine, where we proudly displayed eight of our new Mantle lamps in Stone white.

The tactile allure of these portables engaged guests, encouraging interaction as they explored their unique features. The two days were brimming with industry talks, late-night drinks, and numerous meetings sparking intriguing project discussions.

For our team at the stand, time swiftly passed amid the vibrant atmosphere. We eagerly anticipate our return for LiGHT24.

LiGHT23 Exhibition

LiGHT23 ExhibitionLiGHT23 Exhibition